The subject of an expression on the world of the seas

The world of the seas and oceans is a world full of secrets and mystery, and it is a vast world full of various forms of life that people may not know much about, especially since the seas have enormous biological diversity, just as marine life in it engages in strange and intertwined activities, and different phenomena occur in it, some very strange that do not have People have an explanation, especially with regard to the practices of some different animals, the presence of predators and killers, large and very small animals, and it is also surprising that the sea world is full of amazing varieties of marine plants of dazzling colors.

Despite the apparent calm enjoyed by the seas in general, the study of the sea world has produced a large amount of amazement, and perhaps for this reason they always describe the seas as being treacherous, their waves may revolve at any moment, sometimes they are reconciled with the beach and calm, and at other times they collide and strike Sand and rocks, just as the animal world in the depths of the seas is very strange, some live in the form of huge groups, some live alone, some remain in their region, and some migrate to long distances, which means that the world of seas and oceans is no less moving and exciting than the land world.

When talking about the amazing world of the seas, it is necessary to refer to whales , sharks, pearl oysters, corals, colored dolphins, sea stars, octopuses, colored fish and sea turtles of various shapes and colors, so the beauty of the sea world resembles the beauty of the starry sky and the planets, especially as it is a diverse and colorful world, and whatever it tries Man will discover this world, and he will not be able to know all the information related to it. For this reason, the moral obligation requires preserving this beautiful world from any pollution or harm, so that it remains a beautiful and vital world.