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  • 1 Comprehensive medical examination
  • 2 sleep
  • 3 Eat healthy food
  • ⏩4 Hair and Skin Care
  • 5 exercise
  • 6 References

Comprehensive medical examination

The comprehensive medical examination must be maintained annually, so that the person is aware of everything that is disturbing him or her even if he is in good health , and the self-examination of the breast and testicle, and examination of abnormal moles in the body must be performed. [1]


Sleep directly affects a person's physical and mental health, so adequate sleep hours must be obtained daily in order for the body to repair and renew itself in a way it can do during waking up, as lack of sleep will negatively affect focus, metabolism, mood, and motor skills, Hormones, the immune system, and cardiovascular health. [1]

Eat healthy food

Eating a healthy diet helps maintain the beauty of the skin and the health of the body in general, so you must pay attention to what is eaten daily, and focus on eating healthy, balanced foods, and among the foods that must be eaten: fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and proteins, in addition to this must Focus on drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, as it is preferable to drink green and white tea from time to time, as they contain a high percentage of antioxidants, which give the skin youth and freshness for a long time even without makeup. [2]

Hair and skin care

Hair and skin are among the important things that must be taken care of to highlight natural beauty, so it is necessary to constantly cleanse the skin, treat blisters, and shower at regular intervals, and care must be taken to clean and comb the hair with the brush, and to keep the hair smell beautiful and fresh. [3]

Doing exercise

Exercise helps prevent heart disease , diabetes, blood vessels, and colon cancer. It can also help treat depression, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Therefore, regular exercise will improve the general health of the human body, and control Body weight as well, and therefore prefer to exercise for 30-60 minutes five times per week. [4]