Theme on describing nature

Nature is a superlative and beautiful painting formulated by the wisdom of the Creator - Glory be to Him - it is the gift of God to man with all its water, air, birds, animals, rivers, seas, mountains, plains and valleys, and it is one of the mysteries of God which he deposited in the earth and harnessed to live in it and enjoy and exploit it as it pleases. It is a source of excitement and renewed magic in which minds are bewildered and take themselves too far to fly in the spaces of amazement, which is a free, open museum with no limit and not closed by a key, and in it, including the fuel of life that does not end until God wills it.

One of the wonders of nature is that it is able to dazzle all the time, as it is an amazing painting that draws the hand of the Creator and adorns it with all colors and shapes, and does not harm it by the fluctuation of days or seasons, it is able to regenerate and challenge monotony and boredom, so its sky is filtered and wears its lighter sometimes, and other times it glorifies and overlooks the clouds, And the earth also changes her gowns all the time. Nature is a Ghanaian bride who does not like the green dress without yellow, and it is not appropriate for her to wear whites in the winter and remain with him, as she wears all her dresses and takes off her whatever she wants to announce the fluctuation of her seasons.

In describing nature, the eye is confused about where to start looking, the heart is confused in what it loves the most, and the tongue is unable to say everything that can be said in its description, in every part of nature a sea of ​​strange and secrets that are not fully understood by minds, and in every corner of it an opportunity to meditate and learn Nature is the largest teacher, and in it things seem to be temperate without cost or manufacture, and nothing breaks the barrier of tranquility in it except the invisible hands that sometimes distort it as humans do, but despite this, nature is able to help itself with patience, resistance and renewal because it is a complete miracle And integrated, and everything in it from the largest to A. Unawares is an exceptional case in which special.