Tips to facilitate delivery


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Women are well aware that birth pain is the second most powerful pain after burning, and this scares women, and it is enough to frighten the bravest and fiercest creatures, but the most beautiful feeling in the world a woman may experience is the feeling of motherhood. Until the pregnant woman relieves her stress and anxiety before the birth process, and facilitates this process as much as possible, and alleviates the great pain that accompanies her, she must follow several tips: Pay attention to the quality of food that the pregnant woman must eat before her birth date, and adhere to some sitting and relaxing positions in addition to psychological preparation.

Pregnant food before delivery

  • Anise emulsion : This drink is taken when the labor occurs or shortly before the date set by the doctor for childbirth. This emulsion is useful for strengthening the childbirth during childbirth and works to facilitate it, as it is useful in calming the woman's nerves and relieving anxiety about her, and is prepared by:
    • Put two tablespoons of anise powder in an empty cup, then pour boiling water over it and stir well.
    • Put two teaspoons of sugar, cover it for ten minutes, then strain and drink the full glass.
  • Flaxseed oil : Take two tablespoons of hot flax seed oil, and one of its most important benefits is that it facilitates the birth process, and women consider this oil one of the most important means that facilitate the delivery process.
  • Sage leaves : Sage leaves are used to strengthen the uterine muscle and relieve birth pain, put a tablespoon of the Sage leaves powder and soak it in a bowl of a cup of water, then put it on fire until it boils then turn it well, then cover it and leave it for ten minutes, then filter and drink the cup at Feeling gestures.
  • Fenugreek : It is known that a pregnant woman should not drink fenugreek completely during pregnancy, but the fenugreek helps to facilitate the delivery process if it is drunk hours before the date of conception, but before that it may harm herself and the fetus.

And positions facilitate the process of childbirth

  • Resting on the basis of your husband or someone who might help you with this: When you feel in labor, ask him to massage your back and shoulders. This gives you a feeling of great relief.
  • Kneeling position: kneel with your feet apart, then try to relax on a chair or a group of pillows raised in front of you, and do not forget to make sure to straighten your back, in addition to sitting on one side between the contractions.
  • Walking: Try to reduce lying down, and move as much as possible, of course, a few days before the date of birth, but do not perform tiring activities and work.
  • Psychological comfort Try to be accompanied by people you love, call one of your favorite relatives if it helps you, and ask your husband to be on your side and support you, some men do not have social skills, and they did not recognize the things that help women, ask this in a gentle and affectionate manner until he feels responsible, and that he He will do so with love, not as a disturbing duty.
  • Try not to growl, and stay away from troublesome things, and look at pictures of children, and clothes that you have prepared for your child, put your hand on your stomach without putting pressure on the fetus.
  • Prepare your clothes and the fetus clothes you will need in the hospital, and put everything you need in a special bag. Try in the ninth month, days before the operation, to remove hair from your body because this will make you feel comfortable and confident, and go to your appointment with comfortable and beautiful clothes.
  • Before the operation, try to get all of your things in order to keep you busy and anxious, think about your fetus that you will love so much.