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Diamond is a type of rare gem, taking a crystalline structure in the form of cubic facets, as it is considered one of the most valuable jewelry, and we often see who can acquire diamonds and wishes to express his love for someone, guided by a piece of diamonds, as it was considered ancient and yet a symbol of love And authentic human feelings.

Diamond Features

  • One of the things that distinguishes a diamond is its bright color, whether it is yellow, brown, or silver in their gradations, or it is pink, blue, or even green or other, and red is one of the rarest colors found in nature, and symbolizes a hue Diamond color in alphabet and numbers, for example yellow color symbolized by the symbol K4M, there are some types of diamonds that have no color, meaning that the color is transparent white.
  • Diamonds are characterized by a degree of purity that determines its price. The more pure and devoid of diamonds, the more expensive it becomes, whereby diamonds in nature contain cracks and some impurities such as white or black dots, but in varying proportions and degrees that differ from one diamond to another.
  • The lower the thickness of the diamond from the inside, and the more visible on the surface, the more expensive it is.
  • The price of a diamond increases if it is set with emeralds, which is a rare and expensive type of gem.

Types of diamonds

Diamonds are classified into two types:
  • Oil diamonds: It is considered one of the best and strongest types of diamonds, due to the fact that it is under very high pressure and heat, and it contains in a high percentage of carbon, characterized by ripples of white and yellow color that resemble the wave of oil color, as it emits a strong light and beam.
  • Crystal Diamonds: Diamonds that take the form of crystal cubes, usually eight faces, that are distinguished by their luster and bright white color.

Diamond extraction method

Diamonds are mined in various ways: some of them are mined manually, and some of them use special equipment to search for diamonds.
  • Diamonds are formed and formed in the ground of the earth to distances approximately 150 kilometers or more from the surface of the earth, and often under lava craters, where it may have been millions of years ago due to pressure and high temperature, so lava pelted it outside, and in the areas near it And, consequently, people and experts are excavating it, and after careful studies of the topography of these areas, and making sure that the volcano does not erupt again, they follow matters of caution and caution.
  • The most popular areas for manual diamond diggers abound in Africa, where they use their hands and some simple tools such as shovels and sieves, which help in prospecting diamonds.