Types of gems and their benefits


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Precious stones

Precious stones are a kind of rare metal, formed millions of years ago in the ground, and these minerals are formed from a substance called silica, and there are many types of precious stones as they number approximately four thousand types, and these stones are precious or semi-precious and this is determined by Depending on its physical and chemical components, as well as the natural conditions in which these stones were formed, it is worth noting here that precious stones are very few in number. [1] [2]

Sections of ancient stones

Gemstones are formed at various depths under the ground and stones that are extracted from the ground are called mineral stones, and these stones may consist of one element, or are formed by their merging with other elements, for example, diamonds, emeralds, and rubies are formed from lava and earthquakes, and they are found on The depth of approximately 160 meters in the ground, while corals and pearls are formed at the bottom of the sea, and are considered stones that form in the animal kingdom, while the plant kingdom consists of one of the types of gemstones in yellow color called amber amber. [1]

The importance of precious stones

The ancient Arabs used gemstones to treat many organic and psychological diseases as well, and studies are still being done in this regard to see whether gemstones can be considered a type of alternative medicine or not, as it has not been scientifically proven how effective they are in treating diseases so far, and a team finds From the doctors that the extent of the success of this treatment depends on the extent of the body’s acceptance of the treatment, and the extent of compatibility between the electromagnetic waves that the human body produces with the waves emitted by the gem stones, and although scientific research is still ongoing, there is certainty that some types of stones Rare cream has healing properties. An example of this is amber that forms from the glue produced by pine trees., And it was used by the Greeks and the Pharaohs to treat skin ulcers, some crushing it and mixing it with some substances, including turmeric, and a recent study in Sweden confirmed the validity of this therapeutic benefit. [2]

Types of gems and their benefits

As we have indicated, there are many types of gem stones that are difficult to count and we will mention here the most important types of gemstones and their benefits:
  • Diamond: Helps break up urinary stones, treat digestive problems, and treat dyspepsia, epilepsy and some nervous diseases, as well as irritable moods. Diamonds are the most beautiful and precious gem stones and come in three colors yellow, white and black, and may be transparent without color, and have a role In giving the body activity and strengthening immunity. [2] [3]
  • Coral: leprosy and stomach ulcers are treated by using coral powder mixed with honey, and it has the ability to improve the emotional state of those who wear it. [2] [3]
  • Zikon: treats anemia and uses zikon, as it is considered an anti-allergy. [2]
  • Turquoise: used to treat and strengthen the palpitations of the heart, and this gem has gained wide fame as it was believed to bring livelihood and exclude the envy of those who wear it. [2] [3]
  • Moonstone: Helps fight female hormonal disorders, pregnancy problems, and infertility. [2]
  • Onyx stone: used to stop bleeding, treat jaundice and facilitate birth . [2]
  • Opal stone "Tiger Eye": works to calm the nerves and give the body activity and resistance to asthma and has a role in strengthening bones, and is characterized by the presence of beautiful bronze atoms that interfere with its brown color. [3] [2]
  • Lazurite Stone: Relieves pain. [3]
  • Pearl: It works to treat menopause problems, as it has a role in maintaining the health of the teeth as well as the eyes, and pearls are used in the treatment of diarrhea and chest crisis and strengthens the nerves. [3]
  • Citrine stone: It is used to fight nervousness, anxiety and stress, and is also useful for diabetics . [2]
  • Jade: It is used to treat kidneys and it acts as a sedative against anxiety and fear. [3]
  • Serpentine stone: migraine treats migraine headaches. [2]
  • Exhalation Stone: It is distinguished by its blue color, which gives the late psychological person, and has a high ability to absorb the rays that are raised in the person's psyche, and for this can be used as a tranquilizer. [3]
  • Onyx stone: treats bone and works to resist negative thinking. [3]
  • Antibacterial stone: It works to strengthen the nerves of the eye and help heal wounds and ulcers, helps maintain the health and beauty of hair and eyelids. [2] [2]
  • Emerald: Some believe that it has the ability to protect those who wear it from poisonous insects, and emerald is characterized by its beautiful green color that relaxes the eye when looking at it. [3]
  • Amazette: It works to strengthen the blood circulation, as it is used as a treatment for viruses that infect the stomach as well as the liver, and strengthens the body's immunity. [3]
  • Rubies: Red and purple are considered to be the best types of rubies, and red is characterized by the ability to calm nerves, as it stimulates memory, strengthens the heart, improves blood vessels, and it also relieves pain. [3]
  • Agate: it has several colors, and each color has a different role in treating health problems, as the red color improves the psychological state and resists feelings of distress and anxiety, while green has a role in stopping bleeding, and white color works to increase the amount of milk for the nursing woman, and in general the agate Useful in relieving pain, especially birth pain.