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Water is the backbone of life, so it is indispensable in our life, as it is necessary for humans, animals, and plants, and if we lose water, we have lost life, because God Almighty said in his dear book: "And He made us from water every living thing, so they would not believe." The human body consists mainly of water, and drinking sufficient and regular quantities of water has great benefits for the body, and water is a component free of sugars and carbohydrates. In order to maintain the safety and health of the body, it must consume what the body needs of water. [1]

Diet of water

Water is the best type of effective and fast dieting system , as it is available in every home and we can get it without fatigue or additional costs. Water is an essential element for living, and drinking water helps control human weight and helps get rid of toxins that are present in the body Human, and works to burn excess and unwanted fat, and helps get rid of colon problems and constipation problems. [2]

Water diet application

The application of the water diet: [3] The water system relies on drinking large quantities of water, which in turn works to get rid of fat , but before starting the water diet, you should consult a specialist doctor, so each body has a different nature from other bodies, and to ensure the effectiveness of the water diet system, Dieting system must be adhered to the water until the end of the specified period in order to obtain actual results.
  • The first day: You must drink an amount equal to eight glasses of water, while drinking an amount of apple juice , to help get rid of toxins in the body, and drinking too much water may cause the person to feel hungry, in which case he should eat some vegetables and fruits.
  • The second day: eating some vegetables with few calories, in order to give the body energy, and from the vegetables that are recommended to eat carrots, because of the energy it contains to supply the body with it, and on the second day the amount of water should be increased to ten cups.
  • The third day: Drinking eight glasses of water on the third day, until we get the desired result, and on this day it is allowed to eat boiled vegetables, without putting salt on them.
  • Fourth day: Drink eight glasses of water, not eat vegetables and fruits, except for banana, and drink a small amount of milk.
  • The fifth day: the last day of the diet, eight glasses of water must be drunk. If you feel hungry and tired, you can eat a small amount of meat and a few tomatoes.
After completing the dieting period, the person can return to his normal position, but he must make a specific diet that he adheres to.