What are the signs of beauty for a man?

beauty signs

Beauty signs are natural signs that one is born to signify his beauty, and make his shape distinctive and likable in the eyes of people, especially for the opposite sex. Men, for example, have signs that increase their toxicity and beauty in the eye of a woman, and immediately draws attention.

Beauty signs for men

  • Height: Height is one of the most important signs of beauty when a man is, in terms of height consistent with weight.
  • Broad shoulders: It is one of the signs that increase a man's masculinity and decoration, as small and soft shoulders are a characteristic of a woman.
  • Broad chest: It is also a sign of intensity, strength and manhood. The wide chest and prominent muscles are among the most important characteristics of a handsome man that attracts the attention of women.
  • Dark skin color: where it was considered a sign of beauty for both men and women since ancient times, back to the time of the pharaohs who used to color their statues with wheat or flour to indicate the strength and strength of the man, and they considered the whiteness of the skin as evidence of their paleness.
  • The wide neck: It is one of the special signs for a man, as a woman is distinguished by her slim and long neck, while the medium and tall indicate the strength and masculinity of the man.
  • The swollen lip: it is considered a sign of beauty for both men and women, and increases their goodness and medal.
  • Mole: It is a sign of beauty for a man to be medium in size and slightly far from the lips.
  • Thin hair between the eyebrows: It is one of the signs that distinguish a man from a woman and increase his toxicity, and when removed, the shape of the man changes completely and reduces his goodness.
  • Long eyelashes: These are signs of beauty for men just as they are for women, because they increase the beauty of the shape of the eyes.
  • Winks: Especially when they are below the chin of a man, they increase the beauty of the man and the beauty of his smile.
  • Small ear: It is a sign of beauty for a man because it is more apparent than a woman due to the shortness of his hair, and if the ears are large, the man is sometimes ashamed of shaving his hair short so that it does not appear.
  • Short and fine hair: It is a common characteristic in our Arab countries. The more short and soft a man’s hair, or medium softness, the more toxic he becomes.
  • A man's physical and personal strength in general increases his toxicity, and his mild jealousy and nervousness increase his strength and intensity in the eye of a woman.
  • Beard: It is not only Sunnah from our Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him; it is also one of the signs that increase the beauty of a man.