What are the signs of beauty for women


  • 1 Beauty
  • 2 signs of beauty in the face
    • 2.1 The eye ring
    • 2.2 Long eyelashes
    • 2.3 Dimples in the cheeks
    • 2.4 Freckles
    • 2.5 Facial attractiveness
  • 3 signs of beauty in the body
    • 3.1 The woman's voice
    • 3.2 Arched lower back
  • 4 beauty tips
  • 5 Video of signs of beauty of women
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Beauty is one of the most important concerns of women, and I found many companies and cosmetic products to help women in a big way to make women look younger and more beautiful. There are many international standards that have been established to assess women's beauty. Here, dear reader, a simplified definition of it, but that not having any of them does not mean that you are not beautiful, because beauty is really what springs from within you. [1]

Signs of beauty in the face

Eye ring

This characteristic expresses attractive eyes , as most of the characteristics that make the eye attractive are considered clear, people prefer colored eyes without redness, and there is another characteristic that expresses the eye's attractiveness, which is the dark eye ring that appears around the iris of the eye, and there is a broad dark dark ring indicating At a young age, where the ring tends to disappear and narrow when a person gets older, then begins to disappear sometime in the mid-twenties. [1]

Long eyelashes

Having a girl with long eyelashes contributes to more eyes, as it is one of the signs of beauty found in a few women. [2]

Dimples in the cheeks

Dimples of the cheeks are signs of a woman's beauty, and they are more beautiful when a woman laughs, smiles, or when she speaks. [2]


They are patches that most often appear on the face, arms, and shoulders, and they appear in some people when they are sitting in the sun, and that when they sit less frequently in the sun, most of the freckles disappear, and freckles are particularly common in people with skin Fatih, people with red hair. [2]

Facial attractiveness

Studies have shown that a woman’s facial beauty is due to the presence of certain specific characteristics. Women with larger eyes, a high forehead, and a smaller chin were classified as being more attractive than those who do not have these properties. According to studies, the beautiful facial features are considered to be the most characteristics Where the female is attractive, and hair of medium or long length can also be a sign of the attractiveness and beauty of a woman, just as the hairdos that indicate maturity are considered more attractive. [3]

Signs of beauty in the body

The woman’s voice

According to psychiatrists and social workers, having a soft voice is an attractive sign for her, and it strongly suggests the attractiveness of the face and its judgment of beauty without seeing it. [1]

Arched lower back

It is a distinctive sign of beauty , and it is more prominent for women during pregnancy, as the spine curves from the bottom to the inside more, in order to help her bear the weight of the fetus and the body during pregnancy. [1]

Beauty tips

Madam offers you a set of tips to take care of your daily beauty: [4] [5]
  • Green Tea (English: Green Tea): It helps to reduce swelling of the skin, and get rid of dark circles around the eyes.
  • Sweet almond oil to remove the color of the lip pen: The sweet almond oil (English: Sweat Almond Oil) helps remove the lipstick smoothly by applying a little of it to a cotton ball and rubbing the lips with it. It is thus a cheap product compared to other cosmetic products needed for this.
  • Vaseline : Vaseline helps give you the necessary shape for your eyebrows, so you can apply a little bit of it to the eyebrows, and then comb the eyebrow with the designated brush.
  • Coconut Oil: Because hair is the most exposed part to air, sun and various environmental factors, it is important to take care of its health in order to look more beautiful, and this is achieved by using coconut oil and massaging your hair in it for 10 minutes before showering and washing it with shampoo.
  • Washing the face with cold water , because it helps close the pores of the skin, and thus prevents dust and dust from getting suspended on the face. It is preferable to wash the face with cold water at least twice per day.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to maintain body moisture and prevent dehydration.
  • Makeup should always be removed before bed, as it works to clog the pores of the face, causing pimples, acne and blackheads. It can be removed by using olive oil on a cotton ball and wiping the face with it.
  • Peeling the skin one to two times a week, to remove dead skin layers. It can be peeled using ground nuts with milk.
  • Apply sunscreen daily before leaving the house, as exposure to the sun continuously causes wrinkles and dark spots. A sunscreen should be applied even if it is cold or cloudy.
  • Eat a healthy diet that contains vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, proteins and vitamins. And avoid eating sugar in large quantities in order to maintain the proportion of insulin within the natural limits, and thus maintain the balance of the body. It should also be noted that avoiding eating spicy and fried food, and replacing them with eating rice and wheat.
  • National exercise sports regularly, sport walking, jogging, sports yoga that helps to improve blood circulation in the body. It should also be noted to avoid applying skin care products before and after exercising. It is advisable to apply toner before playing to reduce the amount of oil secreted from the skin, and exfoliate the skin after playing, and then apply the face with olive oil or shea butter to moisturize the face.
  • Smile: It is the best makeup that a woman can wear to look more beautiful.