What are the signs of a woman's beauty?


  • 1 eye ring
  • 2 The woman's voice
  • 3 Long hair
  • 4 forehead and chin
  • 5 long and twisted eyelashes
  • 6 The space between the teeth
  • 7 References

Eye ring

One of the signs of beauty for a woman is the attractiveness of the eyes, including the colored eyes, which are free from signs of fatigue, fatigue or redness, and the dark eye ring that appears around the iris of the eye is a sign of beauty in a woman, as there is a broad dark dark ring indicating the smallness The age of the woman, and it is known that this episode narrows as the age progresses, and it disappears at the age of twenties. [1]

The woman’s voice

The woman’s voice is one of the signs of beauty and attractiveness, because the voice is related to the shape of the woman’s face, and studies have indicated that by evaluating a group of voices of a number of women when displaying voices without seeing shapes and face on men, men preferred the voices that belong to beautiful and attractive faces . [1]

long hair

The hair or long hair in the average length of the qualities of the beauty of women, which outweigh the attractiveness and beauty of short hair dramatically, many studies have indicated that, [2] especially if he holds hair color or dark poetry carries the red color. [3]

Forehead and chin

Studies have indicated that women who have a high forehead on the face are beautiful and attractive without others, and the small chin is also a characteristic of women’s beauty and attractiveness. [2]

Long and twisted eyelashes

Long and twisted eyelashes are a sign of a woman's natural beauty, and false eyelashes can be found that make a woman beautiful by applying mascara to the eyelashes. [3]

The space between the teeth

The space between teeth is one of the signs of beauty for women, despite the strangeness of this scale, which has been refuted by many women, because of the importance of exporting dental white in the list of beauty instead. [3]