What did the Arabs call gold?


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  • 3 The name of gold in the ancient Arabs
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Gold is considered a very precious metal, or a chemical element symbolized by the symbol Au, and its atomic number is 79 in the periodic table, and is distinguished by its color, brightness, and yellow color, and it is found by nature in the form of granules inside the rocks, in the bottoms of rivers, or in the form of veins in the ground .

The origin of gold

Muslim scholars in the Middle Ages tried to convert other elements into gold without success. The gold arose when the earth was formed through the cosmic ash that resulted from a great great explosion, then the emerging ash combined with other components of the earth, then they formed the Earth, the entire solar system, and an element Gold is a heavy element with an atomic weight of 197, and its density is 3 and 19 g / cm3, so it can only form in intense heat such as that caused by a star burst. In modern times, scientists transformed other elements into gold by ramming them With neutrons, or with the nuclei of other atoms, or in nuclear reactors, this method is very expensive.

The name of gold in the ancient Arabs

The Arabs used to call the gold the resonant yellow or donation in the past, as it was used as a monetary unit in many peoples, civilizations, and countries.

Gold uses


Gold is frequently used in ornamental jewelry, and this gold is known as yellow gold, and this is by mixing gold with copper, zinc, and silver in varying quantities, which leads to the formation of multiple caliber of gold, and the degree of purity of gold is measured in parts, or in caliber according to the American scale, for example the degree of purity 1000 corresponds to caliber 24, the degree of purity 875 corresponds to caliber 21, and corresponds to 750 caliber 18, and whenever the number is decreased, i.e. the amount of gold in the alloy decreases, the gold color tends to pallor. Predominantly in jewelry sets.


Gold is used in dentistry for its softness and resistance to erosion in the mouth, and its solution is also used in the treatment of rheumatism and bone infections, in addition to the use of radioactive gold in the treatment of types of cancer.


There are many gold owners who store gold in the form of an alloy, or in the form of coins in reserve when inflation or economic turmoil occurs, and in spite of this some economists do not think that gold can protect against inflation or depreciation of the currency.


It is used to join elements of very hot golden jewelry of solid ore or brass, in the event that it is used for stamping quality, and is used on high-end cylinders as a reflective layer.