What gifts do girls love


  • 1 day allotment
  • 2 love letters
  • 3 favorite book or movie
  • 4 Create a garden
  • 5 jewelry
  • 6 other gifts
  • 7 References

Set aside a day to go out

The allocation of a day to spend with the woman is one of the best gifts that can be presented to her, and it is advised during the day to turn off the mobile phone, and all social networks, and participate in the implementation of all the wishes or plans of the woman without any obstacle, during which it is possible to do shopping, or watch movies, or Walk around, or even chat together. [1]

Love Letters

It may be difficult to say the words of love directly to women for some, so it is possible to send a message of love and recognize the woman with great love explicitly instead of speaking face to face, via text messages on the mobile phone or via e-mail, and a letter can express the feelings on a sheet. Give it to her in a traditional way, or write it anywhere visible in the home. [1]

Favorite book or movie

Books or movies are simple and beautiful gifts for women, which can be presented in various creative ways. For example, if you want to gift a book that talks about love, you can write a small card and put it in the middle of it, so that it is a quote for some of the words of love in it, and a book that includes Talking about a topic of interest to her; if she loves cooking, for example, she can be gifted with a cookbook, tricks about cooking, etc., as for films, it is advised to search for one of the films that she wanted to watch but did not find, and buy it for her on a special day. [1]

Create a garden

The idea of ​​creating a garden is one of the wonderful gifts for women , as it is possible to remember the owner of the gift whenever you went out to it, so it is possible to identify a beautiful flower or plant that grows well in the climate in which you live, buy it, and try to plant it in an appropriate part of the garden while it is not present, When she attends, she can present the gift to her, and inform her of the desire to purchase a new plant every year to celebrate this anniversary. [2]


Jewelry can be a good choice for a gift that stimulates the emotional feelings of a woman, as it is possible to choose a necklace with distinctive stones, or shave with a set of accessories in a special box, or a necklace engraved with the date of the wedding, or a bracelet bearing the initials of her children, for example, or a necklace with a picture that collects The owner of the gift out, or others. [2]

Other gifts

The girl can be gifted additional things, such as: sunglasses, or a distinctive design that fits her mobile phone, or provide a set of makeup tools for her, such as: brushes inspired by gemstones, or lipstick, whether dark or light pink. [3]