What is black gold

Black gold is only petrol or petroleum, and this term is sometimes called coal. Its name with this name comes from its importance and its impact on various aspects of life to the point that it is compared to the value of gold, and therefore the name of black gold was called on this wealth, and similar to gold oil also that they were the focus of the struggle of others to obtain them, as oil is not only important in fuel; Also in many industries that are called petrochemical industries.

The oil has been produced through the exposure of marine creatures and their organisms and the plankton and plants they contain in them and other remnants of plant and animal organisms and others that lived in ancient geological times to bury under the surface of the earth for very deep distances, and also expose them to pressure and great and intense heat in the depths of the earth and with the passage of Millions of years. Thus, oil is considered a non-renewable energy source and therefore it is subject to depletion and expiry with continuous consumption of it, and this is what makes it also a valuable currency, as the whole world depends on oil or black gold in different areas of its life.

The oil is a thick and dense liquid that is black and slightly greenish, and it consists of a group of complex hydrocarbons that form to form a series of alkanes. The oil is extracted from the earth's crust, particularly from the upper layer. The degree of purity, shape and composition of the oil depends on the place from which it was extracted. Oil is a flammable substance and therefore the equipment it extracts and the tanks that store and transport it are very sensitive and equipped in a special way and are always subject to control, under certain pressure and temperature.

As we mentioned, oil is one of the most important and most consuming sources of energy in the world. It is used in the process of generating electric energy, as well as in the conduct of various means of transportation, such as buses, cars, airplanes, etc., as well as used to operate various factories. Oil has various other uses, as it is used as a raw material in the field of industry, and it is used in the field of plastic industries and fabrics, such as nylon, industrial leather, industrial silks, etc., and it is also used in the pharmaceutical industries and in the manufacture of fertilizers and various pesticides and other industries. America is one of the most oil-consuming countries. It alone consumes about a quarter of global oil production, and it is estimated that the United States imports about 75% of its oil to cover its needs.