What is the most expensive metal


  • 1 francium is the most expensive natural mineral in the world
  • 2 The world's most expensive manufactured metal californium
  • 3 other valuable minerals
    • 3.1 rhodium
    • 3.2 Platinum
    • 3.3 Gold
    • 3.4 Diamonds
    • 3.5 sapphire
    • 3.6 Blue Agate
    • 3.7 pinet
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  • 5 References

Francium is the most expensive natural mineral in the world

Francium is the most expensive natural mineral in the world . The production of 100 g of francium exceeds billions of dollars. Although francium is naturally formed, it is rapidly degradable so that it cannot be synthesized for use, and a small number of its atoms are produced commercially. [1]

Francium was discovered by Marguerite Perey in 1939 at the Curie Institute in Paris, and francium is the heaviest known and least stable alkali metal among the first 101 elements in the periodic table of chemical elements, and knowledge is obtained. Chemical elements of it through radiological techniques given that all the isotopes of francium are largely unstable, and so far no amount has been prepared or isolated that can be considered from this mineral. F. It is the result of bombarding thorium with protons. [2]

Californium is the most expensive manufactured metal in the world

Californium is the most expensive manufactured metal in the world, with a price of up to $ 3 million per gram, which is expensive because of its scarcity and durability. This mineral was discovered in the 1950s in California, [3] and is mainly used in research and equipment Used in the petroleum industry, and small quantities of it are used at one time to use it. [1]

Other precious metals


Pure white rhodium is one of the rarest and most expensive minerals in the world, as it is more expensive than gold and silver, and its name dates back to the Greek word (Rhodon) which means rose, and rhodium was discovered in 1803 AD by English chemist William Hyde William Hyde Wollaston, this mineral was extracted from a platinum ore piece found in South America, and rhodium is used in jewelry, searchlights, mirrors, and turboprop engines, and is used in the chemical industry as a catalyst for making nitric acid, acetic acid, and reactions Hydrogenation. [4]


Platinum is one of the most expensive minerals in the world, due to its distinctive properties, and it does not corrode with time, and it can be used in a number of industries such as: aeronautics, dentistry, weapons industry, and in jewelry because of its shiny appearance. [3]


Gold is the most famous metal because of its durability and formability, and it is one of the most expensive minerals in the world as well, and is used in many areas, including: dentistry, electronics, and jewelry. [3]


The diamond ( in English: Diamonds) of the most expensive metals in the world and is characterized Boloanh and hardness, which is a mineral known commercially; and because of its use considerably in jewelry, where the basic material for the manufacture of valves became engagement during the twentieth century, the countries where there are a lot they are: Russia , South Africa, and Australia, the value of pure diamonds is $ 10,000 per carat. [5]


Rubies is one of the most desirable and precious minerals in the world, and is estimated to cost $ 15,000 per carat, which is a gem that is available in colors ranging from pink to blood-like red, and it is considered a gem , which also includes blue sapphire, Emeralds and diamonds, the main product of which is Myanmar, are produced in abundance by other countries such as Scotland and Brazil. [5]

Blue agate

Blue Garnet is widely used in jewelery, and is also used to cut steel and materials during the manufacture of jet aircraft, and the price per carat is $ 1.5 million. [6]


One of the rarest minerals in the world is Painite, which is also one of the most expensive minerals with a price of $ 60,000 per carat, and is characterized by its red color similar to the color of garnet or sapphire. [6]