What is the source of diamond metal?


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Diamond is one of the types of natural minerals and rare, and consists mainly of carbon, and each carbon atom in diamonds surrounds four other carbon atoms that in turn are linked by strong chemical bonds together, to produce a metal that is considered one of the most durable and diverse metals, and this negates the prevailing belief that Diamonds are mainly minerals.

Diamonds are characterized by being the most distinguished natural material that conducts electricity, making it suitable for use as a cutting tool for materials that need durable tools in use.

Source of diamonds

There is no diamond above the surface of the earth, it requires high temperatures, in addition to high pressure, and these conditions can only be available under the surface of the earth, with a distance that may reach a minimum of 100 miles below the surface of the earth, and this does not mean that there are no diamonds above the surface of the earth Absolutely, as some natural factors such as volcanoes helped to throw diamonds in the ground to the surface, and man was able to manufacture diamonds through rock mining, soil mining, or rock deposits.

Diamond specifications

The quality and quality of diamonds can be determined primarily through color, cut, clarity, and weight, and in 1950 AD a standardized method was used to assess the quality of diamonds from the Gemological Institute in America, known as 4Cs of diamond quality, and the quality of diamonds was based on the following specifications:
  • Color: Colorless diamonds are the finest types of diamonds, and they bear the highest prices around the world. As for colored diamonds, their quality depends on additional factors such as purity, quality, and the nature of color.
  • Purity: Diamonds are completely pure, and free from internal and surface fractures is the best quality. If there are fractures, or the color of the stone turns diamonds into the darkest, the stone will lose much of its value and quality.
  • Cut: The concept of cutting refers to the craft used in the design of diamond stone, the quality of polishing, sparkle, and luminescence.
  • Carats: Diamonds are sold in carats, which is a unit of weight equal to 1/5 grams. Small-sized diamonds usually cost less a carat than large stones of equal quality, due to the scarcity of large-sized diamonds.

The most famous diamond

  • Diamond Hoop Stone.
  • Diamond stone sea of ​​light.
  • Victoria Diamond Stone.
  • Kimberly Diamond Stone.