What is the white gold

White gold is known as (platinum), and platinum is a chemical element and its symbol pt is in the periodic table. Its melting point is 17680c. The origin of platinum (plata), which is a Spanish word meaning (small silver), is a precious metal, and it is gray-white in color, and platinum is characterized by greater strength than iron metal, but its elasticity is like gold.

One of the advantages of this mineral is strength and non-rust, and it has the ability to maintain its luster when exposed to air, due to the fact that platinum does not react with oxygen, and is not affected by acids that dissolve other metals. Platinum is dissolved using a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, and it combines with arsenic and silicon. White gold is distinguished by its high value compared to yellow gold, as it may be twice the value of gold.

When did he discover platinum (white gold)?

In the year 1557 AD, the Italian scientist (Julius Scaliger) was able to discover this mineral for the first time, and in the year 1750 AD the Spanish had attempts to discover large quantities of platinum, but at the beginning of its discovery it was cheap because the world had not discovered its value at that time, but when the world and the specialists realized The benefits of this mineral and its multiple uses in the areas of life began to spread widely and this led to an increase in demand for it and thus its price.

Areas of use of platinum (white gold):

Platinum is used in many fields, used by chemists in laboratories to conduct some scientific experiments, such as dissolving samples with different acids, and entering into the work of panels and thin wires, as well as entering in the manufacture (catalytic converter) that is found in car exhaust. And the common use has entered the jewelry industry because of its strength and hardness, and may be used in dentistry and the manufacture of surgical instruments.

There are two types of white gold, the first type is extracted from gold and other metals such as silver, palladium and copper, and the second type is made of platinum itself without mixing with other elements (pure platinum). As for the first type, it is not permissible for men to adorn it, and zakat is due on it, as it is required in gold and silver, and the second type is pure white gold that men can wear, but without exaggerating it.

Can we distinguish between white gold and pure platinum?

Yes, it can be done by (scratch test) and that is by bringing a piece of white gold and trying to scratch it. If it scratches easily, it is white gold, or by heating a metal until it turns into a flame, and it is left to cool down. And if its color does not change, then it is platinum.
Some women have begun to refrain from buying yellow gold and their tendency to white gold, to keep pace with the current fashion, or to enjoy aesthetic and attractive more than yellow, and this may be due to the culture of society itself, or to the personal taste of each woman.