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Some people see beauty as an interest in the face and body, some of them see beauty in the beauty of the soul , some of them with reason and work, and others see beauty with all of the above together, except that it is rare to see one of them gathering all the criteria of beauty that are not satisfied with only the beauty of appearance, and we will mention Here comes some of what was said about beauty.

It was said in beauty

  • Wisdom is a summary of the past, and beauty is the promise of the future.
  • The most beautiful things in the world that you cannot see or even touch, you should feel them in your heart.
  • There is neither a beautiful nor an ugly one, but the human thinking is what depicts the beauty and ugliness of man.
  • The opposite of beauty is not ugliness, but falsehood.
  • The voice of beauty whispered speaks: It only creeps into the mindful souls.
  • Beauty is the face of the nation in the world, so let us preserve our beauty in order to preserve our dignity.
  • In the presence of beauty, the world appears as pure as God created it, with no falsehood or sin.
  • For I saw who does not think about the meanings of beauty when it abstains and turns away, does not realize all its meanings when it is possible and close.
  • In the beauty of the soul, beauty sees the necessity of the necessities of creation, as if God had commanded the world not to frown on the smiling heart.
  • A person weaves his life unaware of it, according to the laws of beauty, even in the darkest moments of despair.
  • Beauty is a really useful weapon for the poor.
  • He who loves beauty has his soul filled with tenderness for humans.

Words in the beauty of the soul

  • The attractiveness of the soul is not bought, it is God's grant to whoever deserves it.
  • The sparkle of the soul is extinguished only if the light of purity is extinguished from the heart of its owner.
  • There is no wealth greater than the pride of the soul, and no beauty beyond the temptation of the soul.
  • The beautiful are spiritually attractive, and look good, they do not do many things, but they greatly confuse the hearts.
  • The beautiful heart love joy in all its alphabet, harmonious with the rhythms of joy in all their cases, because they realize that strength lies in happiness.
  • The beautiful are not only surprised by the splendor of things from the outside, but their hearts are eager to realize that beauty inherent in the nature of things, and their intrinsic meanings.
  • The spirit-kind are the kindness of God's leg to us, they send safety to the souls, and delight to the hearts, they are bright for the soul.
  • The pinnacle of creativity is that you master the art of listening to the sound of your soul, it tells you everything, it is the window of the universe within you, but you do not know.
  • Sukoon is a wonderful instrument that relaxes with its hymns of the soul, leaves thoughts with rhythms, and you begin to feel peace and beauty manifestations.
  • Strength is the other side of your true beauty, strength is the measure of your patience and wisdom, the power to blossom while you are at the heart of distress.
  • The soul blooms when its destination is heaven, and the heart rejoices when the manifestations of supplication are in it, so listen to the call.

Poetry about beauty

My beauty poem

The poem belongs to the poet Bakze Amin Khaki, an Iraqi poet who was born in Baghdad, and describes in her poem the beauty of her country and its imitation of imagination, then there is no doubt that the beauty of Kurdistan is not matched by any beauty, so I loved the smellest mountain with its steadfastness and pride, and says in its poem:
I loved the plains .... I loved the mountains
The cork is easy ... I like the qualities
And the mountains of mountain .... far away
Resilience and softness .... impermissible
My beauty simulates imagination

The foothills of the mountains ... the truffle den
And those wilderness .... the fathers' houses
With this blessing .... and that life
On the tune of Nye .... the shepherds sing
My beauty simulates imagination

And Tigris narrates ... the beauty of existence
The wave of water .... the lines of eternity
With those wilds ... with those prostrations
She sang birds ... and visited black
My beauty simulates imagination

And a dawn radiates ... the color of flame
Fixo Riyadh .... in gold
So the virgins wake up .... gather wood
A swarm sings .... and reaps milking
My beauty simulates imagination

After the trouble ... Candles are gone
So the companions throw .... the trouble of the fields
This sleeps .... and this wanders
With a sense of meaning .... A party says
My beauty simulates imagination

And a local night .... in the robe of peace
A full moon over .... behind the clouds
The sky wakes up ... and the shrine is beautiful
With this calm .... the bathroom sings
My beauty simulates imagination

A poem all the time the beauty of your face paddy

Back poem poet Abdul Ghani bin Ismail bin Abdul Ghani Nabulsi Damascus Hanafi, Syrian poet, and the world of religion, literature, and globetrotter Makthar of classification, tells in his poem that the beauty of the face , and the scene has kidnapped his heart and made him occurred in adoration , and describes the situation then says :
All the time the beauty of your face is visible
It manifests my tone and my heart
He has shown me alive
You got beauty in it calling
And in my body I took sickness and my heart
The patience disappeared increased ignition
My eyes are aware of the extent of the character
Oh from her tears and excess
And blink between boyhood and love and longing and heartburn
And avoidance, cruelty, estrangement, sodos, nafra and baad
Banquet Sergeant and Calm
Abhorrent, scandalous and hostile
How to be humiliated, but how to stay and this
His condition is muezzin depletion
Hey, you came out of me
I achieved my abundance and my union
Your light saw volt hearts
The darkness of the universe from the eyes of the distance
I look at you, but
Ring my idea for losing Rashadi
Then when you wanted me to get close
You are the stuffing and the secret of the heart
Soothing to me, so I saw a visual
That requires you lookout

A poem I received from the spirit of beauty message

The poem belongs to the poet, writer, journalist, and Egyptian Arab academic, Zaki Mubarak, describing beauty in his poem Beauty as a message whose words have crept into his heart, and hit him with the spirit of her beauty, so his heart became in a state other than what was.
I got a message from the spirit of beauty
I lost Fouad beauty mislead
I received it and night darkened
So she had the enlightening morning accepted
She snapped her 50 kisses
Your streak as a beautiful uncle kisses
I give you this paradise or pictures of paradise
She says what is guiding error and doing
I look at him spirit by spirit as if I were
See you and those who are loyal to your face
I invite you to invite to visit
Gain as crazy as he wished
I will install the lightning board immediately
Minutes challenge me to you and move
The sweet speech says I love you
If it is really what you say, do it
The address has shown your home address
I have the Corniche Street, my soul descends
Avi Corniche Street you and the fun
Magic at the Corniche has shelter and habitat
I took off on the cornice my age
The Marseille cornice is better and not known
Corniche Marseilia began and has
She left a whim, so he wouldn't turn
Marilya's cornice is peace and kindness
And longing for your white days sends
I have Marcel, I have magic to run
For my soul, if I went back in ignorance, nobler
The world changed, its people changed
And the verses of life showed change
So where are my loved ones, with a messenger, where are they?
And where a time of serenity is qualified

Thoughts about beauty

The first risk:
You are a tyrant of beauty. You are my lady, do you not know, and an arrow from the dreaded arrows of the devil, and you are a temptation that walks on two feet?

The second thought:
Your beauty exceeds the limit of beauty, whatever imagination in imagination, you are similar to gazelle, you are not something to say, you are an oasis .. among the sands, a moon you are out of reach, you are an assignee, you are an assignee.

The third thought:
That the beauty of the soul is beauty, with which the north and the shades are perfected, and it is not enriched if the faces are improved, and in the bodies heavy souls, and morals have no roots, from faith directed perfection.

Fourth thoughts:
Beauty is not a garment that adorns us. Beauty is the beauty of knowledge, literature, beauty sometimes dawns, but misery wreaks its owner, and if we could see beauty even behind the ugliness curtains, life would become a possible thing, and the loss might send the image of the old beauty that the eye was unaware of, and the original is present.