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Diamond is considered an expensive and rare jewelry, and it consists mainly of carbon due to heat, pressure and some mysterious conditions in the depth of the globe, although carbon is the main component of coal and granite, but its properties differ from one type to another, and the reason is due to the crystal diamond network Perhaps the most important characteristic of diamonds is its toughness and hardness, as it was rated 10/10 in the international scale of Moose Stones for the classification of stones, and it is considered high light in relation to the crystalline system, and it is characterized by its ability to be used in various industries such as: jewelry making, deep well drilling, and making waves. Shake-up medical, industrial equipment manufacture, and in this article we will talk about how to extract diamonds.

Where to extract diamonds

Diamonds are extracted from volcanic craters, as they are dumped from distances of up to a hundred and fifty kilometers, and by the current temperature and pressure they are formed, and these mines are mainly found in the southern side of the continent of Africa, and at the present time they are present in Brazil, Australia, Canada and Russia, as is done It extracts about 130 million carats, equivalent to 26,000 kilograms, which is worth nine billion dollars.

Diamond extraction method

  • Extraction of abundant diamonds from the ground, which is a result of volcanic debris.
  • Carry out a process called mining, as it is sure whether or not diamonds are present.
  • Inserting long tubes into the depths of the ground, then withdrawing large quantities of dust.
  • Sending dust to the laboratories designated for analysis, and determining if there is a possibility of obtaining diamonds.
  • Cut the diamonds into large pieces, then grind them with custom machines for a smooth mixture.
  • Wash diamonds with water and custom oils, which in turn separate them from the soil.
  • Sifting diamonds and making sure there are no impurities inside.
  • Sorting diamonds according to their shape and characteristics such as: degree of purity, presence of dirt and impurities, and colors.
  • Sending the diamonds to the polishing laboratories, then forming them according to the required shape.

Types of diamonds

  • Oily diamonds: oily diamonds are distinguished by their oily white color, this is apart from its glass-like shape, and perhaps the most important characteristic is its rainbow-like light, and it can be considered one of the best types of diamonds, and the reason for this is its ability to withstand heat and pressure.
  • Crystal Diamond: Crystal diamond is one of the stones characterized by its bright white color, cuboid-like shape, and is used to make jewelry and jewelry.

Diamond weight

Diamonds are distinguished by their heavy weight, as it is equivalent to 200 milligrams, and the higher its weight, the more valuable it becomes, as it becomes more scarce, and the similarity of diamonds is not necessarily the same value, but its color and clarity determine its value accurately.