White gold


  • 1 white gold
  • 2 Advantages of platinum element
  • 3 History of white gold
  • 4 areas of white gold
  • 5 types of white gold
  • 6 Distinction between white gold and pure platinum

White gold

It is a chemical element called platinum, and its symbol is in the periodic table "pT", and its atomic number is 78, which is a precious and rare mineral, but no traces of it have been found in ancient civilizations. It was discovered in the sixteenth century in South America, and platinum is characterized by properties Physical, including that it is a transitional metal, characterized by rigidity and magnetism, and the origin of the word platin is plata, which is a Spanish word meaning small silver, and is produced in Africa, as it is considered the most productive country with about 80% of global production, and we will learn about a number of its features, the most important of which are Follows.

Platinum element features

  • Platinum is much stronger than iron metal, and its elasticity is as gold elasticity.
  • It never rusts and does not change color if exposed to air. The reason for this is that the platinum element does not react with oxygen gas, so it is called the noble metal.
  • It does not affect any acid used to dissolve other elements.
  • Its value is twice the value of yellow gold.
  • It does not oxidize at high temperatures.
  • Slow expansion if heated.
  • Slow melting in fire water.
  • We need to dissolve large quantities of it to large ovens that are resistant to high temperature, due to the high melting point of platinum, and as for the small quantities, they are dissolved in the jeweler using (Axric acid) with the use of glasses and gloves for protection.

History of white gold

White gold appeared for the first time in 1557 by the Italian scientist Julius Scaliger, and in 1750 the Spanish discovered ample quantities of platinum, but its value was at that time cheap, but when scientists and specialists discovered its many benefits it became used in all areas of life, and spread very quickly, He increased his demand and his prices increased.

White gold spheres

  • Thin panels and wires.
  • It is used in the field of transformer industry, which is found in car exhaust.
  • It has use in medical fields, such as dentistry and surgeries.
  • It is used in jewelry making, such as necklaces, watches and earrings, because of its strength and strength.
  • It is used in scientific experiments.

White gold types

White gold is classified into two types; the first type comes from gold and various metals, such as silver, palladium and copper, while the second type is made of pure platinum itself, without adding any other materials.

Distinguish between pure white gold and platinum

We can distinguish between them through a test called the scratch test, which is bringing a piece of white gold and scratching it. If it scratches easily, it is white gold, and the second way is to heat a piece of metal and leave it to cool. If it turns dark, it is white gold, and if its color remains the same It is a platinum piece, and women have acquired this mineral to keep up with fashion or because of its attractiveness and beauty, and also the reason for the taste of each woman.