Words of love and love

Words of love and love
When my heart saw your love in the sun shining in it, the spring began to rise on the screen of my heart, and the world began to blossom in my eyes, I saw it as you see the innocence of children, a beautiful and sweet flower, and the features of beauty began to appear to my eyes that were blind, I will stay with you and your crises, I will not keep you from you No matter how long it takes me, my heart sows humiliation and sorrows, and whatever worries increase me. I love you.

I have a feeling that something is about to change, on a morning in which nothing has changed, I woke up feeling better than usual, my finger pointing to the future, my feelings overflow whenever my hands touched me, and I called my only old self without you, I became hopeful, I did not know What do I do if I disappear from my life again, this is my only nightmare, and without it all my life happy dreams.

Love a word from two and we are two, Hate my life with you and Alba Buss Elk (in the air of course), the love of three I, you and our heart.
In a red thread, I tie my finger to your finger, I am not satisfied with your finger, the most powerful scissors in the world. What I cut, what is the secret? It is that it is ... destiny, my dear love, whatever farther from you fate brings me back.
They said a cooker and I found it covered. I said: No, my heart and the key were found. They said: Crazy with her passion. I said no: bound with her passion. They said: I was enthralled by Sahar.
Red is the color of my life after your love has become my motto. Even the tomatoes that I used to be closest to become the purest thing I have for me.
Hey Twix, my life, my heart, my heart, my mind, my snickers, my life, myself, I drink a cup of coffee with you, every Eid that reminds you, and every morning I buy your clothes, my soul, I agonize you. But I am Jordanian and bankrupt, giving me your love, dear.
Take my money and love me, by writing your homework, God is my love, by carrying the girl but my teeth, so that I can finish my studies, and build my home and collect my destinies.