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the health

Health is one of the most important things that a person must pay special attention so as not to harm him, and many different international organizations focus on the issue of health, in the context of its endeavor to ensure that the person lives in a healthy way by providing what requires it, such as access to care Appropriate health care at the time of illness, in addition to monitoring the food that the consumer consumes after he reaches it from different producers, and some countries give their citizens what is known as health insurance that guarantees receiving treatment without material fees, and this happens in most developed countries, and in return some countries do not provide Especially the sleeper There is no treatment except for financial amounts, which may be huge at times, and the country itself may suffer from a lack of medicines, which threatens the health of its patients.

World Health Organization

The job of the United Nations World Health Organization is to take care of the issue of preventing and controlling incurable diseases and providing the necessary treatment and recovery in addition to treating and protecting diseases that are transmitted by different foods to their consumers.
  • Take care of personal hygiene.
  • Distinguish between raw food and cooked food.
  • Cook well.
  • Keep food at safe and healthy temperatures.
  • Use water and other safe resources as well.

World Health Day

World Health Day coincides with the seventh of April each year, and it is also the day corresponding to the establishment of the World Health Organization, and it has been devoted to health care and attention to health issues facing man, and to establish the concept of health culture worldwide, and this comes through focusing on a specific health topic and giving every Pay attention to it, highlight it and put it in priority, and it will be celebrated by carrying out several activities and appearances in various countries of the world.

World Health Day events

There are many activities that take place on Health Day globally, including:
  • Carrying out various medical examinations for people.
  • Organizing various exhibitions with recreational and health goals in addition to holding conferences.
  • Show plays and video and audio presentations.
  • Summoning important figures in societies such as athletes, journalists, celebrities, officials, and others.

The World Health Organization is making unremitting efforts in the third world countries that suffer from epidemics, malnutrition, poverty and unemployment, in order to improve their health and provide them with different opportunities, in addition to helping them to fight some diseases and get rid and prevent them.