Yamani stone onyx


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Yamani agate

Yamani agate is a type of quartz, and chemically synthesized from silicon oxide called Carnelian, and it is considered one of the most important types of precious stones whose name has been associated with Yemen, as it is famous for it since ancient times, as it is considered one of the important riches in the country, and Yamani agate is one of the popular products on the level The world, due to its technical characteristics, and high aesthetic, in terms of its colors, sizes, and graphics, in addition to being one of the precious stones that are distinguished by their high hardness, not to be scratched.

The most common types of Yamani stone

  • Red Pomegranate: This type is considered one of the most valuable types of Yamani agate, because it is of great importance in the Arab Gulf region, Iraq, and Iran, where they consider it a stone that gives blessings, and prevents envy, and this type of stone is distinguished by its Roman color similar to the color of sapphire.
  • Flowering agate: This stone is also known as the illustrated agate, due to the presence of sediments, pictures, names, and drawings inside it. This stone comes second after the red stone stone in terms of price and importance.
  • Bloodstone: This name was given because of the belief that it is useful in holding blood, and this stone is characterized by its non-transparency.
  • Onyx stone: This stone is the first stone discovered in Yemen, and is characterized by its lines and transparency, and is present in white and black.
  • Sun stone: This name was named because of the luster that it possesses, which made it shine like the sun, and it is distinguished by its ability to retain heat. If it is exposed to sunlight during the day, it remains preserved throughout the night, and this stone is characterized as transparent that tends to white, as It is round shaped.
  • Prisoner Stone: This stone is characterized by its white-tinted color, rounded and small shape, and its lustrous shine. This stone is mainly used in making jewelry.
  • Tiger Stone: This stone consists of three colors: black, white, and gray, and it is distinguished by its dark color.
  • Turquoise stone: This stone consists of four colors: gray, green, blue and white, and is characterized by its transparent, and it is believed to be one of the stones that bring happiness to the heart of its bearer.
  • Devil's Manicure: This stone is characterized by gray color, rounded shape, and its surface filled with star-like veins.

Benefits of a Yemeni agate stone

  • Relieves pain, as it helps in relaxation, calmness, meditation, balance, activity, vitality, and cleansing.
  • It stimulates analytical abilities, strengthens the sense of sight, and awakens hidden talents.
  • Increases concentration in humans.

The whereabouts of the Yamani garnet

Yamani agate stone is extracted from mountain peaks and valleys, as it can be close to the surface, or the core of the earth, as it is extracted from different types of rock that may be solid, or sandy stones of little hardness, and Yamani agate stone is found in several places in Yemen is one of the most famous of these places: Anas, Anas in Dhamar Governorate, and Khulan in Sanaa Governorate. It is also found in other regions of Yemen, but in small quantities, and with lower quality.