Preserving beauty


  • 1 Clean the skin
  • 2 moisturize the skin
  • 3 Protect the skin from the sun
  • 4 Drink plenty of water
  • 5 Eat a healthy diet
  • 6 skin beauty recipes
  • 7 = a recipe for fresh skin
    • 7.1 A recipe for flatulence
  • 8 References

cleaning the skin

The face should be washed twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed, and a cleanser suitable for the type of skin is used if it is oily, dry, mixed, or even normal, and this is to get the best results, and the skin should not be rubbed to prevent irritation, and not sleep When there is make-up on the face, as this clogs the pores of the face, and after finishing washing and cleaning the face, a skin moisturizing cream is used. [1]

Moisturizing the skin

The best times to moisturize the skin are after getting out of the bath and before bed. Also, products with heavy perfumes should be avoided, be sure to have a gentle moisturizer and use it daily so that it does not cause irritation. [2]

Protect the skin from the sun

The protection of the skin from the sun 's rays are not only when exposure to them directly, but must be protected even when driving a person 's car or inside the house; because exposure to sunlight of the most important reasons for the appearance of signs of aging, so you must use a special cream prevention of the sun 's rays with the protection factor At least 30, and apply the cream every two hours daily. [2]

Drink plenty of water

The drinking water is important for the health of the skin, especially in the morning, it is important to reduce bulges where, as you should drink vegetable juices; they contain antioxidants also benefit the body and skin. [2]

Follow a healthy diet

Skin contains natural properties to retain moisture, however it is necessary to get foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids; this is because they increase the skin's retention of moisture, and you should eat healthy food and reduce foods that contain sugar. [2]

Skin beauty recipes

= A recipe for fresh skin

To prepare this recipe, the following is required: [3]
  • How to prepare :
    • Mix 1 tablespoon of rose water, 1 tablespoon of glycerin, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
    • The mixture is placed in a bottle.
    • The mixture is used daily, half an hour before showering, or before bed, for fresh skin.

A recipe for swollen eyes

This remedy is used to reduce swelling around the eyes and the appearance of tired eyes. To prepare this prescription, these steps are followed: [3]
  • Method :
    • A few pieces of cotton are taken and dipped in rose water.
    • The pieces are placed over the eyes, and left for 20 minutes.