How To Start a Successful Business,Commercial projects ,How to start a successful business , Project idea and objectives , Capital ,The Business Plan

How To Start a Successful Business,Commercial projects ,How to start a successful business , Project idea and objectives , Capital ,The Business Plan


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  • 2 How to start a successful business
    • 2.1 Project idea and objectives
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Commercial projects

Trade is one of the oldest and most important human activities, and its importance increases with the progress of human civilization, the abundance of basic needs, and the human tendency to search for recreational goods. Commercial projects are spread and differ according to the geographical regions and the nature of resources, so we find micro-projects that depend on a very small capital, as well We find intercontinental business ventures undertaken by several partners who contribute tens and possibly hundreds of millions of dollars.

With the huge development in communications and information technology, it became easy to work in commerce because of the facilitation of marketing, selling and buying operations through the Internet. Trade has become a destination for many young people looking for professional development outside the borders of large institutions.

How to start a successful business

Idea and objectives of the project

The success of the commercial project depends on the basic idea that is based on it. The trade of goods differs from the trade in services in form and content, and the success of each depends on many factors; the most important of which is the local target market. And the factors that will make it acceptable for its consumption, and set precise targets for the spread of the commodity, and the annual sales volume is based on market data.


The nature of commercial projects differs from industrial in the possibility of abandoning the micro-industrial projects from the capital, where the craftsman can start the project with less raw materials, and market his product locally, while it is necessary for the owner of the commercial project to obtain sufficient capital to purchase the products, and it covers distribution expenses to When collecting profits, and therefore the sources of financing the project must be determined, either by obtaining a partner who has the money and wants to work, or through personal loans from relatives, banks, or various commercial financing institutions, which require a feasibility study to finance the projects.

work plan

The business plan includes identifying the sources of financial financing, the sources of obtaining different goods and services and their prices, while specifying the alternatives in the event that one of the suppliers is unable to supply, and it is evident that the owner of the commercial project must possess practical experience in the market in which he aims to work for several years, otherwise The chances of project failure will be great, and in the absence of sufficient market experience, it is necessary to seek the help of reliable and experienced people to manage the project from preparation, marketing and sales, and through initial returns and consumer feedback, an accurate vision can be developed to develop The expansion of the project, either increase sales in the specified market, or expand the scope of work and start targeting new markets.