Earns half a million dollars a month.. which is in my bedroom.

Earns half a million dollars a month.. which is in my bedroom.
Turned bedroom young Americans to a gold mine or perhaps the most precious of that after becoming a high income financial more than half a million dollars a month, and did not expect that the identity of the paedophiles it will turn into a source of income is enormous and the way to get rich quick.

Details of the government of furry by the get rich with over a television network American, a young man, Tyler Pliva jeans, 26-year-old only, and renowned as the "Ninja". It is today one of the most famous producers and publishers of video on "YouTube" after that managed to attract millions of viewers are pedophiles, including broadcasting it on the internet.
Tyler is not only a young man fond of computer games that spend on the young and adolescents, the long hours of their time per day, however, distinguished from the rest of his peers that he fond also the export performance in electronic games and broadcasting them on YouTube, where it quickly turned into a "first teacher" for many.

 He also became the owner months channel video on the internet means experience and dissemination of electronic games. It became the companies producing these games is keen to say "ninja" experience and publish video in order to promote it among his fans.

According to the report published by the website "Business Insider" about Tyler, and seen by "Arab.Net", the game newer and more widely disseminated (Fortnite), in which the "Ninja" recently playing published video of him caused him a surge of New, where during the past five days attracted an average of 83 thousand new followers a day to their account on "Twitter" TV woman.

Revealed tea in an interview with "CNBC" American that he is entitled to more than $ 500 thousand per month as a dividend, as a result of the presence of more than 160 thousand subscribers paying a fee financial to follow him on "Twitter", adding to the four million users follow him through the contributions of traditional free.

There are two types of subscription services, "Twitter" first driven and the other is free, the paid Vickers its owner five dollars per month only, get the owner of the channel on the 3.5 million of which, in participants enjoy this service to watch without any commercials you think of them or are forced to share.

In addition to the financial profit a lot of money that gets you a "ninja" of "Twitter" the channel on "YouTube" managed to attract more than six million subscribers to date, and accordingly on the financial returns from the advertisements broadcast by the company "Google" on the videos posted on his channel.

And "Ninja" producing all of his videos, in addition to the live broadcast of the Permanent of a bedroom in his house, which appear in the background of the video and broadcast daily by.