How to become "rich" in five days?

How to become "rich" in five days?
Remember the book that's spread thickly over the period of the eighties, and I don't know if he's in the office currently or not, the book was entitled "How to speak English in five days?", the And I don't know how I can book that is his decision to speak a foreign language in a short duration not exceeding five days, odd that the book succeeded in the house and did not succeed in learning the language.

Today I will try to introduce a new recipe to get rich, maybe the implementation in our "dust" present.

Access is "how to become rich in five days?", the I should not attempt to me, but if turned to the rich owners of wealth no less than to remember me and Allah of his bounty.

First: to inherit land or a house in the central area in Medina, or Mecca, remember "threatened", and instead of tens and perhaps hundreds of millions to become then in the blink of an eye one of the objects and of the country's wealthy.

Second: to inherit alone the amount of the professional real estate Golden, from the relative unknown, flew one day to Brazil, or India and the days of poverty and hunger, which is rare and perhaps impossible.

The third tips, perhaps the simplest and the fastest, to be a reader on the sick and elderly, people between delusional and sick, and their patients can not be cured, and therefore will not be a loser sell it to some other fantasies, but the patient see mostly inevitably, God willing, people will be forced to you, or to die as God, and the believer before the$, so your success is guaranteed and financial flows will be large and influential.

Maybe I would also recommend everyone who loves to bounce in the media that spends only two years, in creating issues exciting, shocking to society and people, guarding this and that, then waiting for the telecom companies that called for the boycott of the day, which will templates you need for free number in his name, through his Did advice, the zombies and stolen from Heritage books, will be that millions will be on your pocket "reverend" of every place he knows and does not know it.

The other advice is to become a famous player, and of course it's me and jelly from the middle of the action, so you have to teach your sons football they are negative for the dark days, it seems that it doesn't build houses, don't Deanship of him – as he focused on that ball turtleneck, on the side of her such as we have millions, don't you see decades brothers players - Ù - namely, the exceeding tens of millions per year.

The previous advice: to be free of my territory, or agent of any of the tycoons, which mostly may not know about your actions, and all you have to do is to take Tokelau and in the countryside, gloves, open, and apply in people's farms and grazing lands, and then pave the ground followed by hundreds of millions, this method is my favorite, but I haven't the neatest, and proficient, where only the few who are endowed SAG sensation, and the fear of God.

The former: it is to open a real estate office, and act on some notaries, some engineers and municipalities, and some wealthy people, and the ageing well, believe me, will be a fortune in less than two years.

Lastly, it offers not only tips, you don't have to apply, and I don't think that a man of sound mind and will use it, but it's time overturned the standards, it is no longer hard work, and for the understanding of reward, and the reality of the marginalized, they built their money in those ways, gave them money, and the remaining people of the place cell and.