How to raise $ 38 million in a minute? .. Elon Musk tells you

How to raise $ 38 million in a minute? .. Elon Musk tells you
Increased fortune Elon Musk is estimated at 2.3 million dollars during one hour on Wednesday, equivalent to $ 38 million per minute, or 633 thousand dollars in the second.

It came after the rise of the shares of the company climbed with the support of the high profits of the company during the last three months of last year is estimated at more than expectation, beside the near delivery of the new car Tesla "Model Wi" - style crossover.

Stocks rose delivery yesterday fell by 12% to 649 USD by 5.16 pm New York time, increasing the wealth of the CEO of the company to $ 36 million, according to the index Bloomberg Billionaires.

You can mask, the 48-year-old, about 20% of the shares of the company Tesla, and share with MySpace Explorer technology, is estimated at $ 14.6 million.

And shares of Tesla rising since the announcement of the sudden rise in third-quarter earnings last year, and its market value is now more than $ 100 million, and if it remained above this level during the next period, it would be catcher eligible for the first payment of the bonus long-term will his wealth to $ 50 million, subject to achievement of the company's estate. And don't get the mask now on a salary or reward.