How to win $ 500 from tweet one on Twitter?

How to win $ 500 from tweet one on Twitter?
Transformed social networks in the world to the huge world of business and enables a lot of the activists on this network to transform the hobby into a "business" to be trainers of the specialized report that some of the warblers on "Twitter" and bloggers on Facebook make more than 500 dollars for every tweet or blog post they throw out on the internet.

According to information published by the website of economic specialist in Britain and seen by "Arab.Net" there are companies that specialize in attracting advertising and then hiring a hummingbird senior on the "tweet" or blog the active and famous on "Facebook" for the promotion of these ads at the expense of their for-fee financial mutual start from 50 GBP ($67) and up to large sums exceed 350 pounds for a Twitter one or trading one or his photo published only on Instagram.

Transfer of the website "Business Insider" in its version of the British company "Tribeca" specialized advertising e-mail to say he is currently promoting the biggest brands through large accounts on social networks.

Said the Director General of the company "Tribeca" Lisa Taggart: "We have a platform on networks watched by 400 thousand people to one million people", indicating that the company paid directly to the mutual owners of this region, where is determined the amount they get paid, depending on the location of the ad and the size of the audience that the product is available which is advertising through it.

And the company "Tribeca" a list of the amounts paid by account holders on the social network who publish the ads, where they are paid an amount ranging between 50 and 100 GBP account holders pursued by between three thousand and ten thousand people, this amount rises to 350 GBP (470 USD) or more for owners of accounts that are watched by 100 thousand people and more, and this amount is, the greater number of followers.
The report, which was seen by "Arab.Net" the company "Tribeca" prefer to always deal with the owners of the accounts influential few and limited diffusion on the internet, where most of the product that you are advertising through its follow up of between three thousand people and 100 thousand people, and prefer the police to deal with the owners of the accounts which increases the number of follow-up by about 100 thousand people.

The company specialized that some of the warblers on "Twitter" and active on Instagram they get a match of up to GBP 600 (US $ 800) per week, they charge from this company alone 3200 US $ per month for posting tweets or pictures of tons promote certain products and brands.

The advertising through social networks is increasingly common in the Arab world also, this advertising operations that are conducted through the activists pose a strong competition for the companies themselves that own these networks, which provide advertising services and on the income of their bulk through these ads.