The founder of "Facebook" a profit of 3 billion to 400 million an hour

The founder of "Facebook" a profit of 3 billion to 400 million an hour
Happened in hours rare of history, made as other 60 minutes, or 3600 seconds, that the founder of the state "movie" Mark Zuckerberg, made a profit. I didn't cause it to him but me. sure, it was $ 3 billion and 400 million dollars, and this information published visited by "Arab.Net" and had to make sure the news more, which is the site of Forbes magazine America's economic, tracked the wealth of billionaires in the world, and published on Thursday an update to the never haves, the Have stay is same day, or change according to the prices of their shares, because their updates almost daily.

Every minute passed of the previous ones which ended in the fifth quarter the afternoon of Wednesday, the last time the company's American, won the Zuckerberg more than 56 million و666 thousand dollars, almost any 945 Alpha One second, which is the profit per minute might enough to live the million family throughout the entire week at the very least, based on a 56 week believe the hunger for the family of African caliber.

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Profit New has become the old 32 years old, and to see him laughing most of the pictures, the fifth-wealthy people in the world, because of his wealth arrived after the second 3600 from the last hours of deliberations on that day, to more than 56 million and 700 million, the reason is that the share Facebook the exciting twit envious saliva aspirants, rose 6.5 % once, and became its price 131.40 USD, due to the growth of the sale of the site of advertising and increase "the" who now number two million and 710 million, so the Miss Chief "video" tie him on the record previously made his own.
 Above, Bill Gates first richness, followed by the Ortega II, then under of Oath Jeff Bezos behind the Beaver
His previous record, it was the fortune of his bottles the last 4 billion and 200 billion, but the rise happened after several hours of trading. The new decoding peek, and ended after the circulation lasted only one hour, and became the Zuckerberg v. the rich wealth in the world, according to what I read "Arab.Net" in the list of "Forbes" retrofit Thursday, after fellow American Warren Buffet, who is still the age of 80 as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway activist investments growing, the wealth of its 64 million and 900 million.
However, the American Jeff Bezos of 52 years, the company's co-founder and owner of 18% of the company's specialized trade in electronics, which is the biggest selling retail online at the world, planning a buffet for the first time, according to what we find in the list included that the wealth of 65 million and 300 million, note that the index "Bloomberg" The Observer and also the wealth of the billionaires, published an update similar to what was published by "Forbes" Thursday, in which minor differences.

The wealth of Trump, Lebanese origin Carlos Slim sweet

There are already "Bezos" and the second class in the update, the age of 80 also, an American of Hispanic Amancio Ortega, the owner of the retailer ZARA fashion and the famous, and the region of Galicia autonomous government in the north-west Spanish, the net worth amounted to 72 million and 700 million dollars. The first and richer, and nobody else: the founder of "Microsoft" software estimates, the net worth number. "seven of my" style, i.e. 77 million and 700 million dollars, is what he has now Bill Gates, the father, aged 60 years, three children.
 It is asking for two: a Mexican of Lebanese descent, Carlos Slim is sweet, and candidate for the US presidency, Donald Trump, wealth first analyst class 7 refreshes, age 76 years, is 50 million and 300 million, in the second younger seven years, far for him, in the regulation of the degree of his 390 and his 4 billion and 500 million, and note that Trump revealed last May that his fortune of 10 million, but many thought what they said was allegedly forgotten.